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Inderpreet Singh, Tech Lead & Agency Founder | The Sikh Influence

October 19, 2020 Maneetpaul Singh Season 1 Episode 12
The Sikh Influence
Inderpreet Singh, Tech Lead & Agency Founder | The Sikh Influence
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In this week's episode of The Sikh Influence, we interview Inderpreet Singh who is a Tech Lead & Agency Founder. During the interview, we discuss how Inderpreet discovered his passion for programming, the serendipity that occurs when working with new clients, and the amazing work being done at Khalis Foundation. 

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Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh! 🙏🏽

The Sikh Influence is a weekly interview podcast that highlights Sikhs from around the world who are doing what they love, hosted by Maneetpaul Singh. Each week, we'll be asking these individuals for professional advice, insights into their productivity workflows, and discussing how Sikhi has influenced their life.

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The Host, Maneetpaul Singh


How has life been in Punjab this year?
What is your primary job?
How did you find so much work in America?
Did your parents influence you to start your own agency?
Where did your passion for programming come from?
How did you teach yourself coding?
What have been your most impactful projects?
Tell us about your passion for learning
How has Sikhi influenced your client work?
How did you discover Khalis Foundation?
Tell us about your travels and remote work lifestyle