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Ashiespal Singh, College Student | The Sikh Influence

August 17, 2020 Maneetpaul Singh Season 1 Episode 3
The Sikh Influence
Ashiespal Singh, College Student | The Sikh Influence
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In this week's episode of The Sikh Influence, we sit down with Ashiespal Singh, who is a college student working towards becoming a chemistry teacher. In the interview, Ashiespal provides insight on how he has been able to stay involved with so many extracurricular activities, while still keeping Sikhi at the center of his life.

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Ashiespal's Current Favorite Keertan Tracks:
(1) Bhai Tejinderpal Singh Jee (Dulla Jee) - Chicago_Oct2003
(2) Bhai Tejinderpal Singh Jee (Dulla Jee) - Porae Pooraa Dharsano

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The Sikh Influence is a weekly interview podcast that highlights Sikhs from around the world who are doing what they love, hosted by Maneetpaul Singh. Each week, we'll be asking these individuals for professional advice, insights into their productivity workflows, and discussing how Sikhi has influenced their life.

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The Host, Maneetpaul Singh


What are you majoring in / what do you want to do?
Why did you choose this career path?
What extracurricular activities were you doing in high school?
Are you as involved in college as well?
What motivated you to participate in so many activities?
Importance of community in high-school & hometown
How do you maintain your Sikhi while being so involved with your school and local community?
Planning your day around your Sikhi
How did you prioritize learning Keertan while being so busy?
Did you have to make sacrifices in order to participate in all the Sikh events?
How do you manage to maintain such a consistent Nitnem routine?
How does your Sikhi influence your work?
Advice on how to balance Sikhi & work-life
What is currently your favorite Keertan track?